Business from home ideasSmall business from home ideas are especially important to stay at home moms. Being able to be there when their children need them is a very important job in itself. However, in today’s economic climate there is a need for more than one income.

In this article let’s talk about 7 small business from home ideas that might be just what you need if you are a stay at home mom.

1. Start an eBay business. This is a way to make money even when you are not actually working. Selling things on the Internet via eBay has created more millionaires than any other Internet opportunity.

2. Blogging. You can write for other Internet marketers and get paid. You can also create your own blogs and make money in multiple ways on them. A good freelance writer is always going to be in demand on the Internet as long as there is a need for information.   In your spare time you can get paid to write online

3. Day Care. Some parents are both going to go back to work after their kids are born. This creates a real need for affordable day care and dropping them off to someone they can trust. If you like kids you can make money once you are licensed.

4. Start an eTutoring business. There are many children needing extra lessons so you can always be an eTutor. You can supplement your income very well eTutoring from home.  To learn more here is a free ebook entitled “How To Start Your Own eTutoring Business” – click here to download the ebook.

5. Sell arts and crafts. This can include a wide range of things such as painting, jewelry, or other craft related things. You can sell them at county fairs, exhibitions, and so on. You can also start your own website and sell them online!

6. Start a blog set up business. There is a huge demand for this right now as more people are using blogs as their primary website. Learning how to set up a WordPress blog on a hosting account for an Internet marketer is something you can make money doing all day long.

7. Become an online consultant. Teach people how to do something on the Internet that you have expertise in. This could include Internet marketing, but could also include anything such as finishing a basement, installing a new bathroom, and so on.

These are 7 small business from home ideas that a stay at home mom could use to make extra money. It is exciting to know you can find a way to make money and be home for your kids at the same time.

If none of the above appeal to you click here for more proven business from home ideas.

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