Online Fitness OpportunityI envy those people who automatically can just sit up straight and maintain good posture.  I have had a problem with round shoulders for years and tend to slouch when at my desk working on my computer.  My posture is further aggravated by the fact that I have 3 wedge fractures at the top of my spine.

I work full-time at home running my online home business and so spend many hours in front of my computer and over the years my posture has deteriorated.  Whilst I do quite a bit of walking daily I have never maintained a daily exercise program.

I recently went for a bone density scan and apart from giving me some exercises to do, they recommended that I get a Pilates Ball or Exercise Ball to sit on to improve my posture.  In order to be able to balance on the ball you have to sit up straight.  So in effect it forces you to sit up straight and at the same time strengthens your core muscles.

I started off by sitting on the ball for 20 minutes a day at my computer and I am increasing that on a daily basis as well as sitting on it when I watch the news on TV.  I can certainly feel and see a great improvement and what is great is that my back no longer aches when I sit up straight in a normal chair now.  It was always just more comfortable to slouch, but that is not the case any more! My core muscles are getting stronger and my posture is improving!!

I am getting more adventurous now and doing quite a few Pilates exercises using the fitness ball.

Initially I had no idea what size ball I needed to buy, but I found a great article that gives you guidelines on how to size your exercise ball as well as lots of interesting links about using Pilates and the fitness ball to help improve your posture.

7 Minute Workout is a program that provides exercises that you can do at home when it suits you as well as offers a great home business opportunity.

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