Blogs are a type of online journal that a person can use to post on a variety of different topics. Blogs are used for just about anything including a shared online journal and advertising their business, amongst other things. Many people are hesitant to begin a blog because they feel it is complicated but really it is not and here we discuss 3 easy steps on how to build a blog.

With three very easy steps on how to build a blog you will be blogging in no time at all. The best thing about blogging is it’s free! Go to Blogger and sign up for a free blog and just follow these steps and start blogging.

1. Add content to your blog

Firstly think about the content you wish to add to your blog. Decide whether it is going to be information on a certain topic, a personal journal or even a way to advertise your business. Content is important no matter what the reason and you need to continually add new content to your blog to keep it up to date and fresh.

Begin by posting about three or four different topics as this will get your blog rolling and start attracting visitors to your site. Some of these visitors will post comments on the topics. Pay attention to them and look for any questions in these posts as they will give you ideas for your next topic without you even realizing it. Before you post your topics it is extremely important that you carefully research them as you want to appear as an expert on the subject. So the more you know about your topic the more of an expert you will appear.

2. Be available to your visitors

Don’t hide away as you need to make yourself available to your visitors. Include email instructions for any questions that your visitors may have and keep your profile updated. Interact with your visitors by responding to their comments. The more you make yourself available the happier your visitors will be.

3. Monetize your blog

Now that your blog is built it is time to add links to affiliate products related to the theme of your site. is one of the most popular sites for bloggers to locate digital products. Other sites are available besides Clickbank and they are fairly easy to find. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in “advertising affiliate networks” and you will be amazed at the number of returns.

As businesses are eager to have their products promoted and are willing to pay people to do this, it provides a great opportunity for bloggers to monetize their blogs. These sites will provide you with a lot of different advertisers that you can place on your blog and you can make money while advertising. Remember when you are adding your links not to go overboard as too much advertising can turn your visitors away.

Regardless of the purpose of your blog if you follow these three easy steps on how to build a blog you will be up and blogging in no time. When you add the affiliate links you can make great money too without even trying.

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