Once you have your website up and running you need to focus on internet marketing methods that attract ready-to-buy website traffic. There are many ways of doing this but here we focus on 6 techniques that you can use to increase website traffic.

1. Most people searching for information on the internet use search engines and directories. By submitting your website with the search engines and directories you are exposing your site to allow people to locate it. As your site is displayed in the search engines and directories with a link to your site this generates traffic. Of course, you need to make your website specific to the needs of the internet users by optimizing it with relevant keywords, images and meta tags to attract the traffic based on their search requirements.

2. Another popular method is Pay-per-click directories which drive traffic to your site when you advertise and the users click on your ad. You can use services such as Google AdWords where you bid on the advertising. Be sure to use specific terms within the advertisement to describe your business or website in a few detailed descriptive words.

3. You can publish your own ezine with interesting facts and information about your website and business. Include such things as discounts, promotions and surveys to entice the traffic to visit your site. Usually ezine articles allow the writers to include their URLs and links within the article. This allows the users to click on the links to be directed to the websites.

4. Publish articles on other websites that contain relevant products and services. By including a link to your site in your signature as well at the end of the article, with enable people to easily locate your website. Ensure the title is catchy to make the readers want to click on your article. Really grab their attention by adding a hook in the article.

5. Promote your site in ezines with banner advertisements directed at your target audience and run the ads at least three times to get the traffic. You can increase your exposure by advertising the same banner about seven times so your audience sees your ads more. Be sure to add a tracking system to your ads so you know the number of clicks, where the traffic came from, when they actually clicked on your ad, and to see how the advertising is working or where you may need to make adjustments to your advert.

6. Research other sites that are relevant to your business and products and place ads on their websites. You can do this by contacting the site owner about adding an advert to their site. They will generally allow you to place an ad especially if you offer to place a link to their site on your website (i.e. exchange links).

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