Online Business PlanOne of the most important things in business and a key component of a successful internet affiliate marketing business is having a business plan.

The main reason that franchises are such a popular offline business model is that they present a plan for making fish and chips or tutoring kids. 

So the first thing I want to ask you is whether you want to have an internet affiliate marketing business or an internet affiliate marketing hobby.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with making a couple of hundred dollars a month doing something that is kind of fun, it’s not a business it is a hobby.  Successful affiliate marketing means treating it like a real business.

Setting your long range strategic goals are the first step of your plan.  Write down how much money you want to make and what resources you have to get there.  Look ahead to 5 years or so and find out where you want to be.  Once you have done that then you can plot backwards what milestones you need to meet to get there.

To help you stay on track divide your online business plan into long term (5 years), mid term (about 1 year), quarterly, monthly and daily objectives. 

Now you are in a position to develop systems for everything you do.  As an example, if you plan to outsource your article writing you need to set up a system for everything from hiring your writers to how they deliver the content to you.  If you have a system in place you will get better results.  Be specific and list everything you want done, if you want titles and resource boxes included then state that so when you hire a new writer, they will know exactly what you expect of them.

To run a successful internet affiliate marketing business also means developing a budget and sticking to it.  Affiliate marketing hobbyists buy every e-book or course on the market.  They lack focus and jump from one thing to the next like reading an e-book, listening to an e-course, or even purchasing a domain name they never use, and so on.  If you are marketing on a business developed budget, you will be focused and buy only the things you need to move your business forward. 

You will find that you will make a lot more money once you put together a real online business plan for your internet affiliate marketing business. It starts to take shape as a real business and stops being something you are playing at on the evenings and weekends.  Soon you will find that you can leave your day job and make the online world your primary source of income like a lot of others have done. Many more have played at it and said “internet marketing doesn’t work.”  You guessed right, those are the people who didn’t have any real business plan.

So you now need to ask yourself whether you want to have a hobby or a business.  Your success will be determined by your answer to that question. Remember that you need an online business plan to run a successful internet affiliate marketing business.

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