You really have two choices when it comes to promoting your affiliate marketing products. Either you can create separate pages to promote from or you can send visitors to your affiliate sales page. Let’s look at two affiliate internet marketing tips that address this issue.

Many affiliates send traffic directly to the affiliate sales page.  You are eventually going to make some sales using this method if you get enough traffic. But by adopting such a strategy you are not giving yourself the best chance to maximize your earnings.

The first affiliate internet marketing tip is to send your prospects to a separate web page that you create for each and every affiliate product that you sell. You should still create separate pages for each product that you sell, even if you have a portal website that combines multiple affiliate products into a single site.

Marketing this way keeps the visitor’s focus concentrated on a single item and allows you to discuss the pros and cons of the product personally and establish rapport with the visitor through your sales copy. This enables you to speak to your website visitor as one product user or customer to another.

Visitors will appreciate an honest opinion from the owner of the website that they are visiting and be more likely to trust you as a seller.  Needless to say the more they trust you the more likely they are to purchase from you and become regular customers. Hence the reason that creating separate pages for each product is an excellent strategy for making more sales.

Writing a product review is one way to create the sales copy you need to sustain a single-product page. Rather than trying to sell the product, talk about it as if you were talking one-to-one in a friendly informal setting. Structure the review like an article by including an introductory paragraph, four or five paragraphs for the main body and sum up with a closing paragraph. What you are aiming to achieve is to attract the visitor’s attention and then create an interest that motivates the reader to click on the affiliate link that you put at the bottom of your web page.

The second affiliate internet marketing tip that you ought to be aware of is that you should use an autoresponder to help you boost your sales. Autoresponders enable you to send emails automatically. An excellent way to improve your affiliate marketing results is by using an autoresponder.

Ideally, when using an autoresponder you should create a landing page with a sign-up form. The landing page should arouse the interest of your visitors enough to cause them to agree to give you their contact information.

You can do this by providing some kind of information, such as an e-book, free of charge. It needs to be something compelling and attractive to the niche market you are pitching to and something that will make them want to sign up for your list. The opt-in or sign up form will include a name field and an e-mail field. Once the visitor enters his or her details into the form and clicks the sign up button the details are recorded in the autoresponder and the prospect is added to your mailing list.

An autoresponder is designed to not only follow up with your prospect and give them more useful information, but to also keep your affiliate product in front of them until they are ready to buy. The autoresponder does these things by automatically mailing out your preloaded emails to the prospects as they are added to the list. Autoresponders are a great way of automating many of the repetitive processes that were once a part of traditional mailing campaigns, hence the reason they are nicknamed the 24/7 salesmen.

In summary then, if you create single-product review pages and use an autoresponder with a landing page you will be adopting two proven and effective affiliate internet marketing tips thereby giving yourself a much greater chance of affiliate marketing success.

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