Building your own business websiteThese days many people are generating an income from home.  Using the internet to sell products or services is one of the most frequently used methods for making extra income. Whilst the internet also provides jobs many people have found they can earn more if they branch out on their own.

This involves having your own website.  But don’t let that put you off because building a business website and running it is not as difficult as it is made out to be and if you take it step by step it can be quite easy.

There are 4 basic steps to building your own business website, so here we briefly take a look at what is involved.

Choose a Hosting Company:

Once you have decided that building a business website of your own is the route you want to take, the first thing you need to do is search online for a reliable hosting company.   A word of caution here – it is not advisable to opt for free hosting – bear in mind the saying “you get what you pay for”. 

Hosting a website is not expensive.  You can get packages for under $10 a month that provide templates and tools that you can use for creating a website as well as support if you need it.  Top hosting companies such as Blue Host will give you the option of choosing from different plans.  The basic plan will supply you with ample space and bandwidth and as your business grows you will be able to upgrade to a larger plan if you need it.   This will save you having to change hosts later on.

Choosing a Domain Name:

An advantage of using top hosting companies is that you can purchase a domain name directly through them. This saves you searching for a reliable domain registrar.  Your domain name is important and should be easy to remember and type as well as portray what your business is about.  This will give your business a professional image.  It is advisable to do some keyword research before registering your domain name so that you can choose a domain name which includes the main keywords that you have chosen for your site. 

Building a Business Website:

Building your own business website can also be a relatively simple process. As many of the hosting companies provide website building tools even a first timer can use them to create a professional looking site. One of the most popular platforms to build a website is WordPress and you can install this with the click of your mouse.  Then it is very easy to add content and images to your website.  You will have a choice of many different themes that you can use and change the color and layout of your site with ease.

Adding Products to your Website:

If you have decided to sell affiliate products on your website, you would need to do a search for affiliate programs in your niche and locate suitable products to sell on your site.  The affiliate programs will provide you with advertising materials such as banners, which you can then add to your site.

However, should you decide to sell products directly through your site then you will need to add a shopping cart and provide a way for your visitors to pay for the products.  Online transaction processors such as PayPal will provide you with simple HTML code buttons that you can paste into the pages of your website.

With all the new technology available building a business website has become something anyone can do successfully. You just need to do a bit of research, outlay a small sum of money and have good organizational skills.

If the above still seems confusing to you, how would you feel if you could look over someone’s shoulder as they went through the exact steps on their computer and showed you how to build a website of your own?  If that sounds more like what you are looking for then click here to discover the easy way of building a business website of your own.

Building a business website


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