home business websitesThere are many opportunities to build an Internet and home business. One of the attractive things about these opportunities is many provide home business websites you can customize to promote the opportunities and products you are using.

The reason you want your own home business website is you want to maintain control over your site. When you use a website provided by an online business opportunity it is often a replicated website which means you are not hosting it yourself.

Self hosting is an important fact. When you host your own home business website you can make changes to it anytime you want.

This all starts by purchasing a domain name that relates to the theme of the home business opportunity you are promoting. When you do this you are immediately using a different domain name than your competitors.  You can often purchase your domain name through your hosting company.

Finding a good hosting company is not hard to do. Blue Host and Host Gator are two of the most popular online today.

Building your own website is not hard to do either. These hosting companies include the Fantastico program which is a fast way to set up a WordPress blog.

You can set your blog home page up as a static page if you do not want to change it whenever you are adding articles to it. You can choose to develop your site as a blog, or build a smaller themes site and promote it similar to an old-fashioned website.

Another important point is to incorporate a lead generation form onto all of your web pages. This should be tied back to an autoresponder where you can store your prospects name and email address for future follow up.

Often when you using the replicated website that comes from the home business company you’re not actually building your own list. The company may follow up with prospects for you from the replicated website, but they have control over the names and email addresses, not you.

The home business niche is a very popular one to be in. Because there are millions of people coming online looking for ways to make money every day there is going to be plenty of competition in this niche.

This is another reason why you want to create your own home business websites. Being able to customize it and make changes to it in the future is an important part of competing online.

Today many online business opportunities offer business in a box programs. They will actually build your home business websites for you while allowing you to host them and choose your own domain name. This makes it easier for you to get started.

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