Internet home businessThere are very few instances on the Internet where products are sold without a website. If you run your own internet home business you need to own your own website. Here are a few reasons why I say that!

1. Check your competition. Many of your competitors are using the same website provided by the opportunity you are all in.

For example, affiliate marketers all use the same affiliate website to sell products from. Many even use the same landing pages to build their mailing list.

Do you want to be different than your competitors? The best way to do that is to build your own website and put your own personal stamp on it.

This means purchasing a domain name specifically for your business. It also means getting your own header at the top of the page. 

You get to design the layout of your website as well as the color of it. These are all things you get to do when you own your own website.

2. Use search engine optimization. Targeting specific keyword phrases is a good way to develop long term traffic for your online business.

If you use a website provided by your business opportunity you may not be able to do that. Building your own website allows you to structure it so you have the best on page SEO practices on it. This means focusing on specific keyword phrases, including headline tags as a benefit to the search engines, and so on.

3. Build a list. Adding a sign up form to your own website allows you to build an email list.

Many websites provided by affiliate and network marketing programs are not set up to build a mailing list. With your own website you can put sign up forms on every page which increases the chances of you getting more subscribers every day.

4. Stay flexible. Things change rapidly on the Internet. When you have control over your site you can make changes to it as necessary.

This means you can add new products as you come across them. You can also remove products that you no longer want to sell.

5. You can sell it in the future. When you are putting effort into promoting a website it might as well be your own. There is plenty of money to be made selling existing websites, but you can’t do that if you do not own your own website.

From an internet home business point of view owning your own website makes sense for many reasons.

Own your own website

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