Let’s discuss some basic things that you can do to get maximum value out of your Internet marketing blog.

It is a very good idea to set up an Internet marketing blog to support your online business. You can get a free blog up and running in a matter of minutes at blogger.com. Or you could have a WordPress blog installed on your website or use any one of the many other blogging platforms available online.

It need not be difficult to set up a blog. Once your blog is set up, you then need to find relevant things to blog about. Although some people struggle with this, it need not be difficult.

Your blog is a great place to report about the products and services your business offers, about the progress you are making towards your business goals and about anything you discover relating to the market you are working in.

When posting on your blog you can vary the length of your posts. It is better to keep most of them reasonably short, say between 200 and 350 words and stay focused on a single key point. A lot of internet marketers use their blog as a place to announce, introduce and link through to longer articles that they have posted on their main website.

Many marketers will quite easily get this far in their blogging practice and then struggle to get any further. Whilst they are posting great content on their blogs they aren’t getting much traffic or business from them.

The question which concerns us in this article then is: How can you get maximum value out of your Internet marketing blog?

If you do not actively promote your blog you are not going to get very far with it. Good content will attract some traffic, especially if you are actively using long-tail keywords in your blog posts. But you won’t make any money from your blogging if you don’t go out there and generate some traffic.

The following suggestions will help you build traffic to your blog.

Be sure to bookmark your blog posts on a few key social bookmarking sites and post a link on Twitter too.

Using the same keyword phrase as the one you have used in your blog post, write an article and link back to that blog post in the signature file. You will find, in many cases, if you do this with a whole series of long-tail keywords you will get your blog highly ranked for those keywords on the search engines.

Start forum marketing by joining a few forums and include a link back to your blog in your forum signature.

An easy and quick thing you can do is to generate an RSS feed to your blog on Feedburner.google.com to make the content of your blog easy for people to subscribe to in a feeder.

Feedburner will show you how many people are subscribing to your blog and also provide you with some resources to help you optimise, publicize and monetize your blog using Google’s Adsense program. You will also be able to run Adsense ads in your feed content as Feedburner is now owned by Google.

Once the amount of traffic to your blog increases you could consider further monetizing it by placing paid advertisements on your blog, however, don’t overdo this as you want your blog to be serving your business and not other people’s. It is important therefore to place your newsletter opt in form in a prominent position on the front page of your blog, preferably above the fold.

Your blog can be a great place for you to get feedback from your subscribers, customers and your downline, due to the fact that your readers can post comments. It is advisable not to neglect this aspect of blogging as it will help to create a lively sense of community and send a strong positive message about you and your expertise to your blog readers. Use your auto-responder to inform everyone on your list when you post something on your blog and invite them to drop by and comment.

From the above you can see there is much more to blogging than simply building an Internet marketing blog and posting articles on it.

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