It is not uncommon to come across discussions in the Internet marketing forums about how much money marketers are spending compared to what they are actually earning online.

When you actually analyze this you will find that few people do know how much their Internet marketing business is costing them.

Let’s see if we can analyze the question what does it cost to run your Internet marketing business by reviewing it from the standpoint of time and money.

A great thing about the Internet is that it does not discriminate against anyone when it comes to becoming an Internet marketing success. There are people earning huge amounts of money, and doing it regardless of their race, religion, sex, age, how much money they have, where in the world they live, etc.

Time and money are the two constant factors that are available to everyone. Some people have more money than time, and they choose to outsource various functions to build their Internet business. Others have more time than money, and they personally learn how to do things to become successful by investing their time.

This is very apparent when it comes to advertising and promotion. You will never make any money if you do not have visitors coming to your website and making a purchase and that is the bottom line with an Internet marketing business.

You can purchase advertising in the form of pay per click and immediately begin getting traffic. This does not mean you are guaranteed to make a profit, but rather that you are guaranteed to have visitors at a predetermined price per click.

You will have to try free or nearly free methods if you don’t have money to invest in advertising. Article marketing is the most popular of these and has been proven to be successful over the years.

A great way to build up back links to your website and in turn generate traffic over a period of time is by writing and submitting articles. Although this is not necessarily a fast way, it can be a consistent form of Internet traffic for you in the future.

You should calculate what it costs to run your Internet marketing business regardless of whether you spend money or time. Determine what your time is worth on an hourly rate and keep track of that on a weekly basis.

Keep track of all your expenses including website hosting, domain names, auto responders, marketing and advertising, article submission services and so on.

You can get an accurate picture of exactly what it costs to run your Internet Marketing Business in comparison to the income you have coming in, if you keep track of your time on an hourly rate and your monthly business expenses.

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