I started my online home business in 2006 and for the first 2 years I focused solely on using free internet marketing strategies to promote my website.

Before I go into detail about those strategies, I have noticed something lately that I want share with you.

Many people think they have to pay to market their business online and they make everything so COMPLICATED. Opting to use free internet marketing strategies takes time, but there are many methods that are totally free and they are not difficult to implement. Obviously, your first attempt at a certain method will take a while but you will soon get the hang of it if you persevere.

Don’t complicate things. Just learn one method at a time, then move on to the next until you master that one and then add a third method to your internet marketing strategy.

KEEP IT SIMPLE, learn, apply and work at it consistently.

Okay, today I am going to share with the free internet marketing strategies that have got my online business website to page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing for hundreds of different keywords.

So here are the strategies that work for me and will work for you if you are prepared to learn and apply them on a consistent basis:

1. Offer a Free Internet Income Training Newsletter

Firstly you will need an autoresponder and I recommend GetResponse, because that is what I use. Then you can write a series of quality, informative emails and add them to your autoresponder, add an optin form to your site and you can start building a loyal following of subscribers. It is not unusual when you start an online business that your website will come equipped with an autoresponder already loaded with a newsletter, but if you don’t have one it is important to add one so that you can build your list.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

It is not difficult to optimize your website yourself and it is certainly not something that you need to outsource to an SEO specialist. You just need time and patience. I recommend the free ebook SEO Made Easy (pdf download). If you implement each step in the ebook you can optimize your website yourself to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines. Also you can use the Google Keyword Tool which is free too.

3. Submit your site to the Online Directories

There are many online directories that are free and if you aim to submit your site to 5 a day you can build back links this way to improve your search engine rankings.

4. Article Marketing

This was the free internet marketing strategy and I focused on for 2 years and still do. I spent most of my time writing and submitting articles to the article directories, always ensuring that I hyperlinked my main keyword phrase to my website url in the resource box in order to build back links to my site, which in turn improved my rankings in the search engines. Article writing is not difficult – read my blog post entitled Tips For Easy Article Writing. Also if you visit my Internet Marketing Training Guide you will see a section entitled Article Marketing where you can get more information on submitting articles.

5. Regularly Publish Posts on Your Blog

The search engines love blogs that are updated regularly with unique content. Aim to post regularly, i.e. 3 – 4 times a week on your blog, using a different long tail keyword for each post. Be sure your keyword phrases are relevant to the theme of your site.

6. Post Comments

Search for high PR “do follow” blogs and leave constructive comments on the blog posts and be sure to hyperlink your keyword phrase to your site. Also post comments on Forums, Twitter and Squidoo lenses.

7. Make A Video About Yourself

I made a video about myself using Windows Movie Maker, a program that was installed on my pc when I got it. It did not cost me a cent to make the video and then I uploaded it to YouTube. I also created an About Me page entitled “Cyn’s Home Biz Video – Meet Cynthia Minnaar” giving more details about myself and added my video to that page too. I agree it is a very basic video but at least I made a start at video marketing!!!   I now use Article Video Robot to convert my articles into videos and distribute them to the video sites  to gain more back links and traffic.

8. Link Exchanges

I used to do a lot of link exchanges, but as one-way links are far more valuable than reciprocal links I rarely exchange links now, unless it is with an authority site.

So, those are the free Internet marketing strategies that I focused on for 2 years. Monitor your progress by checking your back links and your keyword rankings once or twice a month.

Free Internet marketing strategies can produce excellent results if you apply them on a consistent basis. Once you have mastered them you can then move on to more advanced methods of marketing online.

I recommend you also download 30 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic which will give you more free ways to market your business online.

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