Internet marketing methodsThere are many methods to drive more traffic to visit your site but some work more effectively and efficiently than others.

1.     Social media-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg…

Social media has transformed the world we live in today. You can ‘talk’ to a person in another country in real time and see what is happening anywhere around the world as soon as it happens. Social media is all about a word-of-mouth transmission of ideas and products. One person tells their friend about a page on Facebook and soon you have more likes than ever before. Of course the same can happen for negative comments as well.

Having a Facebook page connected to your web pages is a way of making positive links that will enhance your reputation and have you seen by the search engines. Make your Facebook page interesting with hints and tips relevant to your product and people will check your web site out too.

The main thing with social media is to keep the pages up to date, at least every week if not every day is needed to keep you out there and in people’s thoughts. Update pages with new products, new information, videos and photos of new products and happenings. If you can add some humour it will go down well as people like a chuckle to brighten their day and they will come back looking for more.

If they like your social media page they will visit your web site.

2.   SEO and keywords

These can still be considered to be important as they are what the search engines look for when a person types in a search query. The more unique they are to your product, service or business, the better chance of picking up more traffic.

You need to look at how a person would search for your business over everybody else’s. By hiring a marketing specialist who can deliver an optimised web site you will have a better chance of being seen by the crawlers and you won’t violate any of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms.

3.   Mobile applications
As well as the millions of computers around the world there are now millions of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and more. People are using these devices more and more to look for products when they are out shopping or out and about and don’t want to have to go home to do a search.

If you have a mobile app that links directly to your web site this will also increase the flow of traffic to your web site.

4.   Video on YouTube
When things do well on YouTube they go viral and soon the whole world knows about a video. Also when you do a search any videos for the search will be at the top of the search results. The video needs to be short, fun and informative and above all relevant. Relevancy is a big thing with content now and the more relevant and the more information it contains will drive people to see your web pages.

The video can be a ‘how to’ or just a message about the products that makes people want to learn more.

5.   Online networking
This is a way of producing quality links to your web site from reputable web sites that are relevant to your products. The more good quality links to your product the more visible you web site will be to the crawlers doing the searching. You get to know about other business in the same field of yours and can swap ideas about marketing methods and what works.

They will often provide a link to your web site if you offer to reciprocate and provide one back to their site from yours.


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Asher Elran is a practical software engineer and a marketing specialist. CEO at Dynamic Search and founder of Web Ethics. Asher is enthusiastic about all things concern killer content, creative marketing, and CRO.   Website

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