To ensure they never run out of ideas, many successful marketers over the years have used a swipe file. Being an Internet marketer you should have a large swipe file for various aspects of your Internet business.

The question therefore is do you make good use of your swipe file?

1. We are quick to delete many of the emails that we receive every day. Should one have a particular subject line that catches your eye, rather than delete it save it in your swipe file. This way you can build up great sources for ideas for email campaigns of your own.

2. Add the URLs for some of the best articles you have read to your swipe file so that you can refer back to them for future articles on your own. Be sure to never plagiarize anyone directly, but use these articles for content ideas of your own.

3. A good way to make money is by focusing on a specific product or program. But you always want to be planning for the future so if you come across a good potential program to join save it in your swipe file.

The same applies for potential products to sell. It is just not possible to sell everything on the Internet, but we can all use the Internet to develop multiple niches to make a profit from. It is just smart business having a swipe file to access for future website or blog ideas!

4. Are you receiving blog updates via email from some of your favorite blogs? If so, these are excellent sources for ideas and content to save in your swipe file. You can quickly refer back to them when the time is right.

If you are not making good use of a swipe file it is something you should implement and add to on a regular basis.

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