Let’s have a look at some tips and guidelines on how to run a ppc campaign effectively on Google Adwords with a small budget.

Generating targeted traffic to your site with a ppc campaign using Google’s Adwords can be a fast and effective way to generate sales. Or, if you don’t do it right, it can be a fast way to pour money down the drain.

So let’s look at how to run an effective mini PPC campaign without busting your budget.

1. Set the parameters of your campaign.

As we are talking about a mini ppc campaign, it would be a good idea to set our goals around the number of conversions we are aiming for at a maximum cost, for example, if your earnings per sale are $20, and your monthly PPC advertising budget is $100, you will need to generate at least five sales to break even. Six would put you ahead of the game. If you can achieve a 3% conversion rate, you would need to generate 200 click-throughs to get your six sales. So, your maximum cost per click (CPC) should be no more than 50 cents. (50 cents x 200 = $100.)

If $100 is your maximum monthly budget, you set this limit when you enter your ppc campaign details into the Adwords Campaign Settings. Once you have discovered what works and are getting a good return on your investment, you will be able to lift the bar. But at the beginning when you are testing the waters, keep within the constraints of your budget.

When you feed your campaign details into the Adwords Campaign Settings, make sure you choose to “Set a separate bid for content network impressions”. If you have set your CPC at fifty cents for the targeted placement ads, you do not want to pay 50 cents every time your ad is clicked on throughout the content network because it is reaching a far less targeted audience. I suggest that you set the bid to just one cent for ads that will be seen across the network and save your powder for targeted placements.

2. Choose your keywords.

The trick here is to find several keyword phrases that are closely targeted to the product you’re trying to sell, attract a reasonable number of searches, and are priced within your maximum cost-per-click allowance. Avoid generic or imprecise keywords. When it comes to keywords, “targeted” is the key word!

Also, instead of aiming to get your ad in the top spot, shoot for third position. You will save money on your bids and still get a reasonable flow of traffic to your site. Shooting for third will certainly help you to squeeze value out of your mini campaign.

3. Write your ads

You have a maximum limit per ad of just ninety-five characters, including spaces, so you’re going to want to make every word count.

Your ads might only be 10 to 15 words long, but you still need to explain how your product will benefit your potential customer and include a call to action.

4. Split test your ads

One ad is not enough for a ppc campaign. Write three or four different versions so that you can run them against each other and replace the poorest performing ad with a new version. You will be able to measure your results by signing up to Google Adwords free Conversion Tracking. Make a point of doing that every month, and your results will improve over time.

Google Adwords will also be monitoring your ads for their performance and once it has enough data it will show the ad with the best click through rate (CTR) more often.

5. Test and tweak your landing pages

As well as testing your ads, you need to test your landing pages. Split your Adwords campaign into two, and point the ads to two competing landing pages. Make one feature of the second landing page is different from the first. For example everything should look the same except the headline. Run two competing headlines against each other, and at the end of the month change the headline on the poorer converting page, and run it against the first one again the following month.

Gradually work your way over the landing pages changing and testing one thing at a time.

Remember, success in a PPC campaign is built on testing and tweaking everything: the keywords, the CPC, the ads you run, the landing pages. Work within your budget until you have learned how to run a successful PPC campaign with Adwords. When you know what works, run with it, and repeated as often as you like.

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