Internet marketing trainingThe first thing you need to do when you consider how to market an Internet business is to set a budget. Once you begin to make money you should reinvest some of your profits back into additional marketing.

So let’s have a look at some of the best ideas on how to market an Internet business that you can start with little money out of your pocket and increase your budget as you become more profitable.

1. Begin with article marketing and write articles around targeted keywords so that they will appeal to both your readers as well as the search engines.

Then submit these articles to the top online article directories. You can start off by submitting your articles manually.  Once you become profitable you should begin to use article marketing software or an online article submission service such as Submit Your Article, which will distribute your articles to more directories faster.

2. Consistently write blog articles and social bookmark them on a regular basis. As search engines love blogs you will be rewarded with high rankings for your blog articles if you target the right keyword phrases.

A good way to create backlinks as well as search engine bait is to social bookmark your blog articles. Use an online service such as Social Marker or OnlyWire, as this will let you get your blog posts into more social directories with one click.

3. Start building an email list. On every web page you build you should have a sign-up form linked to your autoresponder and you should also add your form to your blog sidebar.

So people can receive your blog updates automatically your blog should contain an RSS Feed. This is another good way to keep in touch with people and you can even offer them the option to receive your updates in their inbox by displaying a ‘subscribe by email’ link.

4. A good long term source of traffic is posting comments in discussion forums.

As many discussion forums archive their threads this means that your posts will stay active for many years to come. Be sure to create an interesting signature file that includes a hyperlinked keyword phrase back to your website for search engine bait and direct traffic.

5. Start a pay per click advertising campaign and consider using lesser used search engines such as Yahoo Marketing and Bidvertiser.

You can maximize your advertising dollar and generate more traffic for less money as these are generally less expensive than Google Adwords.

These are several ideas on how to market an Internet business and you should mix in paid and free advertising and always reinvest some of your profits into increasing your advertising budget.

You will be able to generate more quality traffic when you have several marketing strategies working for you and this is how you grow an Internet business.

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