Internet marketing buzzwordsOver the past several years a group of new buzzwords has been introduced to the Internet marketing realm. On one hand, it is important understand these buzzwords in order to communicate effectively and understand ideas and concepts others are trying to share. On the other hand, many of these buzzwords overlap which can make for a confusing and modeled strategy session. Here’s a closer look at four essential Internet marketing buzzwords you need to understand and what they really mean for your business.

WPO or Web Presence Optimization

Web presence optimization is an industry term which essentially describes your overall level of web visibility. It focuses on creating a larger digital footprint and more areas of entry for potential customers. By tracking your Web presence or size of your digital footprint over time will allow you to more effectively compare yourself to competitors and take proactive steps to gain maximum exposure for each entry point. Web presence optimization is often considered a big picture approach to your overall Internet marketing strategy as it includes various strategies including content development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other aspects of online advertising.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is typically defined as the process of marketing via relevant and valuable content. This content is designed to engage a specific, predetermined target audience. The objective is to drive profitable customer action be it generating sales, gathering leads, or improving brand recognition. As a blanket term, content marketing covers every channel of information distribution ranging from text to video. While most people separate content marketing from there holistic Internet marketing strategy, it can play a role in all aspects of online marketing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a term that a majority, if not all, experienced Internet marketers use on a regular basis. It is also one of the first marketing terms new Internet marketers are exposed to. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website or online property to improve its ranking within search engines. It includes a variety of technical factors such as website loading speed and crawlability. It also includes content factors such as keyword choice and content optimization. The final component is linking factors such as internal an extra no back links.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an Internet marketing strategy which focuses on helping your website and your business gets found by people who are actively learning about or making a purchase decision within your industry. The driving force behind and inbound marketing campaign is developing a central hub, traditionally your primary website, which all of your online actions drive traffic to. Inbound marketing is similar in many ways to Web presence optimization, however it focuses specifically on attracting new customers naturally by allowing them to find you rather than proactively trying to find them.

Online Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

One thing to consider when defining industry terms is whether or not there is a difference between online marketing and Internet marketing. At first glance, both terms appear to be identical however in certain situations they can be separated. Today, many professionals prefer the term online marketing because Internet marketing was co-opted by get rich quick schemes. This has made Internet marketing a less desirable buzzword among many online marketing professionals. In truth, there is very little difference between the two as they incorporate all forms of gaining the attention of customers via online mediums.

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