Content Creation eBookAre you prepared for content marketing in 2014?  

Kieran Flanagan recently published a very informative article on the Hubspot Blog entitled “Content Marketing in 2014:  Are you Prepared?

The growth in content marketing this year has continued to gather pace. There is no doubt this has been influenced by the changes Google has made to their algorithm; Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird have all helped to shine the spotlight firmly on the importance of content.

If you take a look at the increase in interest in content marketing versus link building, for instance, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in the interest of link building in favor of content marketing as a search term. A lot of SEO agencies have wisely pivoted their business model in 2013 away from link building and towards content, as well.

To learn more about the challenges marketers are going to be turning their attention to in 2014 you can read the full article here.

You can download a free copy of “The Content Creation Handbook” by clicking on the ebook image above.


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