There have been complete in-depth books written about ways to succeed with marketing on the internet. In this article we’ll cover a few tips that can possibly make a difference for you.

Since being successful with internet marketing is such a numbers game you will need to ensure your voice is being heard by as many people as possible – you must be consistently driving traffic to your site. If 100 viewers per day nets you $30, what can 1000 people net you?

– To do this properly you’ll need to take advantage of the social networks out there.

Utilize the many and varied free internet resources to drive traffic to your site. YouTube and Blogger, Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo Answers and MySpace are all good options to post content to. These have grown huge and many people now have thousands of followers.

However your content must contain some value and interest to the reader. If all you’re doing on these social networking sites is sending out links to products and are only trying to sell stuff you’re using them incorrectly and losing readers quickly.

To properly use them (and still sell stuff) do this. Attempt to share some important information that is intriguing to your followers. Perhaps it’s a hot news story or a tip that can be useful to others. Include a little about yourself.

Make sure you’re providing value and interest before promoting your products which can be done at the end. You can add to that by following up with people’s questions and problems.

By following this model, you will gain and maintain quite a following and people will still see the potential of your affiliates and marketing programs without feeling beat over the head.

As for promoting your products here are some tips:

– Your content must be good in order for potential customers to see that your products are worth it to them.

– The timing on when to release certain promotions can be critical to your success. Study the successful marketers and see what they’re doing.

– Offering variety in your techniques keeps things fresh and interesting. Include things like backlinking and viral marketing.

A final tip: understand your competition.

This can be somewhat of a shortcut to online marketing success. Think “Coke vs. Pepsi” or “Burger King vs. McDonalds.” It’s crucial that you know what you’re competition is doing and what’s working for them.

Check out their websites. Which ones do you like? If you like them others probably do too. Can you emulate them in certain ways to make yours better?

What products are they soon launching and which ones are selling well for them? There is nothing wrong from learning from the competition and doing the same that’s working for them. You can use their ideas to help you create your own.

There you have it- a few good tips to assist you in marketing on the internet.

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