We would all like to have fun when working online but for various reasons many people experience problems with internet marketing.

Do you recall when you were just learning html and your first attempt at building a web page? “Extremely frustrating’ is the phrase that comes to mind with me!! Many people outsource and hire someone else to build a blog or website for them.

Some people attempt at building a web page or making changes to it and give up and quit after a few days.

For beginners it certainly is not fun to build a web page. It can be very difficult and highly frustrating trying to make changes to a web page if you do not have a clue how to do it!

For most people starting out online their time is precious and limited as they often have a full-time job. They can waste so much time and become very frustrated just trying to add a banner to a website if they do not know what code to use or where to place it.

It is also not fun working 20 hours a week on your online home business and getting paid $6 on a $10 report you sold.

What is even worse is working 20 hours a week for 6 months and making no income at all, but spending a lot of dollars to do it.

This is why niche blogging works so well for so many people. When they are not earning at least they have fun writing about something they enjoy or have a passion for. Plus a great benefit of having your own blog means you do not need much html knowledge.

If do not have time to learn the technical side of internet marketing, then rather than wasting time and becoming more frustrated focus on what you do have fun doing and outsource the rest. If outsourcing is not an option for you then rather get a part time job to fund your business, or find ways to have more fun and the money will follow.

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