Are you one of the thousands who are looking for ideas to start a legitimate home based business? This article will give you several things to consider before you make that all important decision.

These ideas are based on starting your business from a company already in existence.

Before ever going into business with a company check to see how stable they are and look into the background of the founders. Preferably the company will have been in business for a few years. That doesn’t mean that new companies can’t be good but longevity usually translates into stability.

Look into the background of the founder(s). Many companies are started by individuals who have had successes (or failures) in other similar businesses. Especially do this with newer companies. If the founder’s history is respectable then you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Is the product you’ll be promoting and selling a “category creating” product and one in demand? If the product is at least somewhat unique and one that the masses can use, then you have a potential winner. If it’s another juice product or home care product then it must also be very good and unique within that niche with great testimonials.

Be certain of the income you can make both from selling and recruiting (building your team). There are so many different types of compensation plans today that it gets confusing. An ethical and fair compensation plan will provide distributors with at least 50% of all sales.

Stay away from scams by understanding how the compensation plan works. Most true pyramid plans don’t exist anymore but make sure the plan allows for any distributor to leap frog their sponsor if they are building a business beyond what the sponsor is doing.

Most companies give distributors options (how much you spend) on the initial investment. Make sure you “get in” with an investment that allows you to take full advantage of the various bonuses. On the other hand be wary of having to buy large quantities of inventory to secure specific levels.

When looking for ideas to start a legitimate home based business ensure the company you get involved with offers a quality and professional website. This website should be able to allow you to promote your products and to recruit.

The website should also provide various statistics and enable you to track your business team. Customers (and distributors) should also be able to order product and have it shipped directly from the company.

A great business home based business opportunity will enable you to build your business without having to deal with all the administrative stuff. The good companies today handle all the accounting and payments.

As you can see there are many things to consider when looking for ideas to start a legitimate home based business. These are just a few to get you started as you’ll also want to consider their training program.

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