secret to making money onlineSo what is the secret to making money online?  10 years ago it was relatively easy to find a way to make money online because it was so new, and people were so excited when they discovered anyone who was 6 months ahead of them in their knowledge of how things worked, they would immediately subscribe to their newsletter.

Those pioneers who had newsletters early in the game became today’s millionaire marketers known as “Gurus”. All they basically had to do was educate the never-ending stream of newcomers.

A lot has changed over the years. What that means is that although there are thousands of online business ideas from which to choose, most of them have been perfected by highly experienced professionals who have invested huge amounts of money into them.

Does that mean you can’t make money online? Definitely not! It just means that you have to be smart about the market you choose. One thing that never changes, and is always profitable is information. Find a market that is hungry for a specific kind of information, and you have found a goldmine!  That is the secret to making money online.

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