There are two main reasons why people do not make extra income online today. You will probably agree with me, if you are totally honest with yourself, with what really prevents people from making extra income on the internet.

Firstly, most people do not have a clear reason why they want to make extra income online. It is very easy to say you want to make an extra couple of hundred dollars a month, but it is hard to actually accomplish it.

Successful people do not want to just make an extra $200 a month. They want to pay their house off in a shorter period of time so they know why they want to earn $200 in online income. Their salary does not stretch to the end of the month so they need to make an extra $200 a month so they can cover groceries for the last week.

These people have a clear cut reason why they want to make extra income online and it will be their driving force to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. You need to set yourself a clear-cut goal and post it on a piece of paper in front of your computer where you can read it every day to remind yourself of why you need to make extra income online.

Secondly, making extra income online is not an easy thing to do. Learning how to make an income online is the hardest part. What can be extremely hard and time consuming is learning the internet marketing methods that it takes to be successful.

You can simulate learning how to make extra income online to learning how to play the violin. It could take you weeks to learn the very basics, but if you practice regularly and are persistent you would soon become an excellent violinist.

The same concept is true when it comes to making extra income online and developing the skills it takes to learn how to do that.

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