One thing that scares people from trying to earn money on the Internet is how difficult it is to do. When you consider things like HTML code, blogging, affiliate marketing, and so on these words can seem intimidating.

In this article we want to take a look at easy Internet marketing tools anyone can use to get started earning money online.

1. We will start off with an Autoresponder which is a very necessary tool. The autoresponder is used to send emails out to people on your mailing list.

This is not really technical to use and building a list is not hard either. There is a skill to generating traffic and getting people to join your list. However sending emails out to them is as easy as typing a message and pushing the send button.

2. You will need to have your own blog and you can start with a free one at You do not need to learn any HTML coding to build web pages with a blog.

You can join blogger in three easy steps and literally be creating blog articles in a matter of minutes. As you become a little more sophisticated you can learn to add graphics and banners to your blog post.

Google owns Blogger and they have designed this with the new Internet marketer in mind. However they also add features that make it possible for anyone of any level of experience to develop a first-class blog.

3. Affiliate marketing is a great business model because they provide products, websites, marketing materials, and training to help you succeed. You can join affiliate programs for free and be ready to start making money almost immediately.

This is not really complicated and it is certainly a benefit to have products ready to sell for you. They also automate the sales process by shipping products and collecting money.

They even mail your commission checks on a predetermined basis. All of this makes the many great affiliate marketing tools available to you easy to use.

4. Marketing on the Internet is much easier to do than people think as well. As we mentioned above affiliate programs give you banners to promote with.

There are many tools available to help you build landing pages to promote, as well as create other types of advertising such as classified ads, solo ads, email marketing messages, and so on.

In summary, today there are many easy Internet marketing tools available for all skill levels. If you have been holding back getting started trying to make money on the Internet because of your lack of knowledge this article should help you overcome those fears.

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