Holiday marketing campaignThe holiday season is not far off now – this means you need to be putting the final touches to your holiday marketing campaign. 

Rachel Sprung has published a very informative article on Hubspot entitled  ‘Tis the Season: 7 Steps to Prepare Your Holiday Marketing Campaign – so if you need some tips I highly recommend you read her post.

It’s evident the holiday season is much, much more than December 25 — in fact, we’ve got two whole months of holidays to celebrate. But for us marketers, that also means that right now, we need to start thinking about and developing our holiday campaigns.

December 1 is far too late to begin implementing your promotional tactics — now is the time to get your campaigns up and running.

So, if you’re already behind on your marketing plans through year’s end, take some time to read up on the seven areas you should keep in mind so you can implement a comprehensive holiday campaign.

You’ll find some great tips in Rachel Sprung’s blog post to help you prepare for your holiday marketing campaign.

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