Pinterest marketing strategy Are you making the most of your Pinterest account to drive even more traffic to your website?  Bing image search now includes results from Pinterest boards and this provides a huge opportunity for marketers once you get your Pinterest strategy and tactics in place.

A very informative blog post written by Ginny Soskey entitled “Time to ramp up your Pinterest SEO:  Bing now includes pins in image searches” was published earlier this month on Hubspot.  There is great information here to help you ramp up your Pinterest strategy.

Bing is in a really sweet place right now. It’s one of the only search engines that still provides keyword search data — which is huge news in and of itself. As a marketer, Bing gets a gold star just for that in my book. But that’s not all it’s done well recently.

Today, the company released another piece of news that may seem kinda blah to some, but it actually has really big implications for marketers: Bing image search now includes results from Pinterest boards.

Take a second to let that sink in. So. Freaking. Cool.

At the end of the blog post you’ll also find very useful resources to help you if you  want to get set up on the Pinterest platform for the first time or need tips for making your Pinterest content easy to find in search.

If you want to generate more traffic to your website I highly recommend reading this blog post.

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