Creating a very reliant system for failure is one problem the network marketing industry is famous for. To help them become successful people rely on everyone else.

If your MLM sponsor quits before you do, what do you do then?

This business model encourages you to contact your upline and look for the next person who is available to babysit you, but this really is not the right thing to do.

You are probably asking “Why not?”

Well, that is because they are probably going to quit too. A very high percentage drop out even with all of the advantages the internet offers to MLM business owners.

The problem is that if you keep looking for the person to follow you may never really find them. Also very large MLM distributors do not have time to coddle everyone in their downline who emails or calls them.

Many find that it is just too overwhelming to keep up with and also it is not any fun to answer the same basic questions to the same person over and over again.

So if your MLM sponsor quits, here is an idea you can take and run with.

Take responsibility for your own business and be accountable to YOU!

1. Spend time studying and getting to know the business plan.

2. Invest in yourself and purchase your own products, use them and then develop your own story for why you like them so that you can tell your customers.

3. Ideally, you should spend most of your time sponsoring and not babysitting others.

4. Rather work downline and motivate your distributors that way and if they can not get excited about having a large group that is their problem not yours.

As you are in business for yourself you must get up everyday and decide what you are going to do to be successful. So if your MLM sponsor quits, do not worry, it is his loss not yours.

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