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Many people join affiliate marketing and network marketing programs because they are given a website to promote the opportunity. But when it comes to home business websites it is much better for you to host a site of your own.

Let’s look at 6 benefits of hosting your own home business websites.

–  It is important that you distinguish yourself in the marketplace and if you are promoting the same website as everyone else you can’t do that.

If you are using the website that comes from the affiliate marketing program, which is known as a replicated website, it makes it much more difficult for you to become a force to be reckoned with in your own targeted niche. So, it goes without saying that if you want to build a long term business you need your very own home business websites.

– When you use a replicated site you do not have any control over it. As things are constantly changing in the market and you will need to adapt your website to what is going on at any given time.

You cannot make any changes to a replicated website because you do not host it.   You have no control over the content that is on it because you are at the mercy of the program giving you their website.

– There will no doubt come a time when you may want to change products or programs that you promote. When something new comes out which appeals to you, you will not be able to add it to the website.  Nor will you be able to remove programs should you decide you want to stop promoting them.

– If you have your own home business websites you can monetize them in various ways. Many successful Internet marketers include a combination of cost per action, pay per click and cost per sale programs on their websites.

Whilst this allows them to maximize the amount of income they are making it also gives their website visitors options to choose from.

– I am sure you will want to add a blog to your website. You will not be able to do that because you cannot add a link to your blog on the replicated site.

In fact you cannot even set up a blog on a replicated website because you are not hosting it yourself. Most Internet marketers prefer to make the blog their primary website and you can’t do that if you are using a website from a specific program.

– You will want to build an email list and to do this you need to add sign-up forms to all of your web pages so you can build an email list for future follow-up. Once again you cannot do that when you are using the website provided from the affiliate or network marketing program you are in.

The above are six benefits of hosting your own home business websites and if you are serious about making money online then you really have no other option.

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