Home business websiteHome business websites and whether you need your own to make online income is something that continues to be discussed. Here we look at two viewpoints so you can make up your own mind.

First viewpoint

No you do not need a home business website to make online income! Let’s look at two examples of where that is true.

1. If you focus on building a mailing list and selling affiliate marketing products to it you can make online income. If you purchase co-registration leads then you do not even need a landing page to capture your own subscribers.

Basically your co-registration leads company builds your list for you and places your subscribers directly into an auto-responder. In this case all you have to do is follow-up and build relationships with your subscribers.

This will increase your credibility and enhance your reputation with them. You will then find that it is easier to sell affiliate products by referring them directly to the affiliate sales page because you have already pre-sold them in your e-mail messages.

2. The second example of not needing a home business website is to promote your affiliate products directly online in a variety of ways. What many affiliate marketers do is purchase and promote a redirect URL, rather than promoting a bulky affiliate URL.

This is where you play the numbers and you will know exactly how many visitors it takes to create one sale. Then you can increase your advertising if you want to make more online income, because you know exactly how much money you are spending to earn a profit.

Second viewpoint

Yes you do need a home business website of your own to make online income! Let’s look at a few examples of why this is true.

Owning your own home business website gives you total control of your online business. This means that you can create review pages and promote those if you do affiliate marketing. It also allows you to pre-sell your visitor on your product before passing them through to your affiliate sales page.

Another example of how people make online income with their own home business website is blogging. Those who enjoy blogging are able to monetize their blogs and create a profit in ways that they could not do without it.

You can build your own list directly by adding landing pages to your website hosting account as well as adding an optin box to your website. Owning your own home business website gives you the flexibility to do many things that you couldn’t do without one.

So at the end of the day it comes down to the goals that you have set for your own home business and how comfortable you are working online. As you can see from the two viewpoints it is possible to make online income whether you choose to have your own home business websites or not.

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