how to make passive incomePassive income can also be residual income if you do it right. Passive income is money you make without being directly involved in earning it. Residual income is money you make over and over for doing your work one time.

Let’s talk about how to make passive income using the network marketing business model.

1. Retail customers. Many people miss this option as a good way to make passive income.

You do not have to call your customers to sell products. Your company provided website can do that for you.

You do not have to collect money and deliver products. The company takes care of that for you.

What you do have to do is get website visitors to your site. You can automate most of this so you just play the numbers game. The more people you get to your site the more potential passive income you can make.

2. Wholesale purchases downline. One great thing about network marketing is you can get paid on the purchases of thousands of people in your group.

This is true whenever people in your downline sell a product. It is also true when people buy from themselves. Because they are in your downline you earn credit for the volume. The more products you have passing through your downline the more money you can make.

Each MLM company has their own compensation plan, so you need to refer to it to see how much money you will earn. The great thing is that this is all passive income because you do not have to take the orders or get the products to them like in the old MLM days. Now the MLM company does all of this for you.

3. Branch out. Once you have passive income flowing in one company you can join another one. It used to be frowned upon to join more than one MLM company.

Now it is a great way to increase your income without doing more work. The Internet makes this possible.

Social media makes it easier to sell more products and sponsor more people than you could have ever done 10-15 years ago. Use Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blogging, and social bookmarking to quickly get a network marketing business running.

Then you can relax as the money flows in. As you look at how to make passive income you will see joining more than one MLM company, selling products in many niches, and building more than 1 downline all are a great way to do it.

Check out these two network marketing business opportunities that I recommend – SFI and MyWorldPlus.

How to make passive income

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