If you are a Plug-in Profit Site (PIPS) member you will no doubt have heard of the PIPS Power Group that was formed by Ken Troyer to help struggling PIPS members.

Due to the great success being achieved by Ken Troyer and his staff, Ken has gone on to create a Personal…Hands-On…Step By Step… Mentoring Program To Help Beginners Learn How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business in Any Niche…and Turn it Into A Full-Time Income…in One Year!

You do not have to be a PIPS member to join The Niche Power Group – it is open to anyone.

The same 6 Accomplished, Proven, Experienced and Successful Online Marketers will be involved namely, Ken Troyer, Jeff Schuman, Jeff Casmer, Suzanne Morrison, Mal Keenan and myself, Cynthia Minnaar.

You will be joining a Group that Cares About Your Success!

Subscribe today to our mini series on niche marketing and get notified when we Pre-launch…and start receiving niche marketing training at a discount rate!


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