setting up an online businessIf you are an Internet marketing newbie, then the idea of setting up an online business can be very intimidating.

However there is one way you can get started with very little effort on your part. In this article we will go into detail on the solution to setting up an online business. I call it the business in a box.

The concept of a business in a box is not particularly new. It has been taken to another level thanks to Internet marketing. You see this idea implemented in various business models including network marketing.

1. The first thing you are going to get is your own money making website. You can use this to sell things online. The best business in a box provides you with the opportunity to control your own website.

You generally do not get this in certain business models such as affiliate marketing or network marketing. They are giving you a replicated website which is hosted by the company itself.

By having control of your website it means you can make changes to it at any time. However when you are first starting out it is built on a domain name that you can control and host yourself.

2. You will need products to sell. These are provided for you as well. One thing to consider is will you have a belief in the product you are promoting.

One of the best ways to sell things online is to write product reviews. Many companies will provide these articles for you that you can send out via email or create web pages on.

3. Generating visitors to your website will be an important part of making money. That means you need marketing materials that you can use right away to start promoting with.

You see these in the form of things such as banner ads in various sizes. These will have your ID number on them, and you can use them to promote on your website and other people’s websites. Other marketing materials include videos, blog articles, graphics, and so on.

4. Discussion forums and online training are needed. As an Internet marketing newbie you will need ongoing training. Some of the best programs provide this in the form of online discussion forums.

These are great because you can hang out with other marketers who are going through the same thing as you. This is a good place to exchange ideas and get answers to your questions.

The business in a box concept is a great solution for setting up an online business and may be exactly what you need to get started.

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