Automated online businessOne of the greatest things about the Internet is that you can join a business opportunity and automate much of the daily activities it takes to run it. Here are three examples of automated online business opportunities you could join.

1. Email marketing. There are Internet marketers who a build a mailing list in various niches and sell products to their subscribers.

Depending on the type of niche you do not necessarily need a lot of subscribers to make money either. There are people who earn a full-time income on mailing lists of less than 1000 people.

There are other Internet marketers, in the home business niche for example, that have mailing lists of over 100,000 people that earn them a six figure income.

The primary things you need are an autoresponder to store contact information and to follow-up with your subscribers. You will need landing pages with subscription forms on them to promote. You may also want to consider purchasing co-registration leads and letting an outside lead company build your list for you.

2. Network marketing opportunities. For the first time in history there are people making money all over the world in network marketing companies.

Automated online business

The network marketing company ships the products and pays out all commissions so you do not even need to do that. Plus you can do retail selling online without delivering the products.

Many of these people have failed with previous mlm opportunities. However the Internet has totally changed that now.

You can automate everything from prospecting, sorting leads, following up with people, and enrolling them into your business. You can train your downline online as well.

Auto blogging software3. Auto blogging. This has become very popular recently and is actually a great way to build a large empire of blogs on autopilot.

There is software available that will allow you to quickly build blogs. You can automate adding content into them through various RSS feeds from article directories and other blogs.

Making money with blogging is not hard to do. Most bloggers will add banners for various affiliate products to their blog so those show up on each individual post.

The trick here is to think large in terms of the number of blogs you want to operate. If you can add 10 blogs a month in one year you’ll have 120 blogs.

If each of those blogs earns $1-$2 per day you will be making over $50,000 a year. The great thing is you can do this on a part-time basis from the comfort of your own home.

These are three automated online business opportunities that people just like you are taking advantage of today.

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