In this article I am going to go over a few good online business ideas which you can do on a part time basis from the comfort of your own home.

You can use your computer to make money if you are willing to invest a few hours every week.

Start your own direct sales business

I have no doubt you are familiar with Tupperware or Avon. It is possible to start a business like this and run it primarily online. Thanks to the internet you do not even have to host parties or deliver products unless you want to.

A network marketing business is another good online business idea you can do on a part-time basis.

Such companies as Amway have grown to become multibillion dollar companies and the Internet is primarily responsible for their most recent success.

Start a blog flipping business

There are 2 approaches to blog flipping, either you can build blogs from scratch and turn around and quickly sell them or you can buy existing blogs that are undervalued, fix them up, and turn around and sell them for profit. It is similar to the house flipping business model except you’re dealing with virtual real estate on the Internet.

Set up a service business such as blog writing

With millions of blog owners online many of them would pay you right now to write content for them if they knew who you were. If you want to you can easily turn this into a full time career.

Become a virtual assistant

This involves doing things such as answering the phone or typing for successful Internet business owners. If you have talent in these areas there is plenty of work.

Make more money per sale by selling big-ticket items

It is just as easy to earn $1000 a sale as it is to make $20 once you learn how to use the Internet.

Join a get paid to program

There are many people who get paid to do things such as taking surveys, commenting on blogs, writing articles, reviewing movie scripts as well asĀ data entry.

You can go to survey sites such as Cash Crate and join for free and they will pay you to take surveys for companies that value your opinion.

Also you can even supplement your income by referring people to Cash Crate and get paid for it. There are many ways to make money taking surveys and you can even turn it into an online business if you want.

The same thing is true with data entry as many companies would prefer to outsource as much of their typing as they possibly can.

The above are just a handful of good online business ideas you can do on a part-time basis. It is not unusual to find people who start part-time and eventually go full time with Internet marketing and their own online business.

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