legitimate work from home opportunities with no investmentThose searching for legitimate work from home opportunities with no investment required may be disappointed when they keep finding online programs that require money in order to get started. While there are some scams on the internet there are many free legitimate income opportunities that can actually help people make money online. Here we take a look at four legitimate opportunities where no investment is required.

Make Money from Advertising

There is the potential to make money from advertising when working online. A lot of marketers, website owners and businesses are willing to pay for advertising space on related sites or blogs.  This advertising can be in the form of such things as a blog post, text link or a banner. Those webmasters whose sites attract a sufficient amount of traffic can charge advertisers on a monthly basis to place an advert on their site. This is one of the top opportunities as it provides a way to generate passive income once all the advertising space is sold.

Participate in Online Juries

Another legitimate opportunity that requires no investment is to participate in online juries. Sometimes, lawyers who have a case that will require a jury will want to see how their case will appear. To do this the lawyer will hire people to listen to his case online through a video application and then they are required to give feedback. What you will earn from working on a virtual jury can vary significantly from one case to the next and from one lawyer to the next.

Make Money from Freelancing

Working in a freelance capacity is another way that many people make an income online. It is possible for almost any job to be done in a freelance capacity due to the vast improvements in technology in recent years. A good example is writing for online marketers and webmasters who are continually in need of fresh, unique content.  The benefit to businesses that make use of freelancers is that they do not have to pay payroll tax and other employee benefits such as health insurance.  They are just required to pay a flat fee for the services that are rendered by the freelancer. Irrespective of what type of occupation an individual works in, it is highly possible to do it on a freelance basis.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online income opportunities available on the internet that requires no investment. Affiliate marketing involves individuals signing up to promote products that are marketed by other companies. Signing up is free and upon doing so the affiliate receives his own unique affiliate link.  The affiliate then uses that link to market the product in various places online. The affiliate receives a percentage of the sale price as a commission when someone clicks on the link and then purchases the product. It is not uncommon for affiliate merchants to pay between 50% and 70% of the sales price to the affiliate for bringing in the sale. A huge variety of different products from almost every niche are sold in this manner.

As you can see from the above four examples there are a variety of legitimate work from home opportunities with no investment required.   Visit Cyns Home Biz for more free and low-cost legitimate online opportunities.

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