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Are you attempting to develop your own business ideas?  The Internet offers many potential ways to do that!

One of the top business models online today is affiliate marketing. Here are five ways you could use affiliate marketing to create your own business ideas to make money.

1. Blog with Google Adsense income. Start with a domain name and web hosting at Host Gator. Use their quick set up for a WordPress blog.

Add Google Adsense to your blog using the Google Adsense plug in. There are several you can choose from. 

The main thing is you want Adsense ads on your blog so you can make money when people click on them. Google sells the ads and pays you to get the blog visitors.

2. Get leads using CPA programs. Join a CPA network such as Commission Junction.

As one of the largest CPA networks there will be many lead programs you can pick from. Every time somebody fills out a lead from one of these affiliate merchants you make money.

3. Start a Blogger.com blog for free. You can set this up in a couple of minutes. There are many tutorials on how to do it, but it is as easy as clicking a couple of buttons.

Again add Google Adsense to your blog.  You can also add affiliate banners for any affiliate programs you join. Every time somebody clicks on an ad, or purchases a product, you make money.

4. Sell digital information. Join ClickBank for this. This will instantly give you access to thousands of digital products to sell online.

Most of these are in the form of an ebook which is a great way to sell instant access to digital information. You will also find residual income products you can sell in ClickBank such as membership sites.

5. Email marketing. Learn how to build an e-mail list and then sell affiliate products to it.  You can purchase co-registration leads from the autoresponder such as Get Response.  This is a hands-off way to build your last.

You could hire a writer to create autoresponder messages around the theme of your mailing list. Then implement affiliate product URLs into these messages and when a subscriber buys something you make money.

These are several examples of how you could create your own business ideas to make money using affiliate marketing. Today many Internet business owners do more than one of these to earn multiple streams of income using the affiliate marketing business model.

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