Have you built your online business to the point that you are receiving over 500 unique visitors a day but are still disappointed with your sales and sign-ups? Here are some effective online business marketing ideas to increase conversion rates and pull in more sales from your site.

It is important to monitor everything that goes on with your online business and you can do this by installing StatCounter on your website or use Google Analytics so that you can see exactly how your visitors found your site and where your traffic is coming from, the keywords or keyword phrases they used, the exact entry and exit points from your website, the number of pages they visited and how long they stayed and browsed around your site.

From the information you receive about your visitors you will be able to you fine tune your website to encourage visitors to stay longer and explore your website to the point that they either purchase a product, join one of your affiliate programs or sign-up for your newsletter and ultimately increase your conversion rate and pull in more sales from your online business website.

Google Analytics provide valuable information called the Bounce Rate. The bounce rate applies to visitors who go no further than the page they entered a site on. There are a number of reasons why a bounce rate could be high.

Perhaps the wrong keywords or keyword phrases are being targeted and therefore visitors arriving at the site are not finding what they expected and leave immediately.

Have you tested how long your site takes to open? If your site takes too long to open visitors are going to close the browser and move on to the next site that attracts their attention.

May be the colour of the website is off-putting or there is nothing to attract there attention in the top fold of the site that is visible in their browser when the site opens. Is the site easy to navigate and is a site menu easily visible? Can they easily return to the home page once they click on a link to another page of the site? If you try out this little exercise you will find out if your site navigates easily. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and take a tour of your own website.

You could have a look at all these areas and make adjustments one at a time to see if your change has enticed the visitor to explore your website. Don’t make the mistake of making a few changes at once as you will not know which one worked!

By changing around the position of the products or opportunities that you are offering can also make a huge difference. Be sure to put the important stuff at the top of your website and the less important at the bottom. Magic can happen to your online business when you change two links around or move a banner to another position on your site.

It is important to have a call to action on your website, such as inviting visitors to sign-up for your free online business marketing newsletter in return for a free gift and make it highly visible so that it attracts the people’s attention and makes them want to receive your newsletter.

An online business marketing idea that many people are not keen on but have been proven to work is the use of pop up windows, hover ads or slide in advertisements on your site. They do attract your visitor’s attention because they leap right out at them.

From having built your website traffic up to what it is today, you know the work that it has taken and so you need to get the most from each one of your visitors. By adding a message board or chat room to your web site could encourage them to participate and return to your site regularly. Everybody loves a freebie so always offer something in return if you ask them to subscribe to your ezine. Give your visitors a handy link to bookmark your site or request them to complete a survey.

The internet and associated technology is so fast moving and it really is important to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest online business marketing ideas by buying internet business books, ebooks and joining appropriate forums. You really do need to keep studying, learning and applying as many of the new online business website promotional ideas that you can.

Should you find a banner is not performing well on your website you could try changing it to a text link instead. Experiment with different colour text to draw attention to a specific area or product on your site or try adding some tiny graphics to break up the text.

We know that visitors are looking for information so be sure your website offers unique, interesting, varied and informative content for them to read. It is a good marketing idea to keep the sentences and paragraphs short and to the point. You could try using lists, short tips and short articles as many people are in a rush and have little time and so they just skim over text but at the same time hope to find what they are looking for.

The internet changes from day to day, searchers try different keywords, different sites appear in the search results proving that nothing is static on the internet and this should apply to your website too. You need to be continually on the lookout and searching for online business marketing ideas to increase conversion rates.

Keep up to date with the latest search engine optimization techniques and goings-on of the search engines. Tweak and make changes to your online business website to not only maintain and improve your search engine rankings but to adjust to the expectations of your visitors and you should experience an increase in conversion rates.

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