Many people starting online businesses today are financially strapped. They just do not have extra money every month to spend promoting online.

Let’s take a look at online business marketing strategies you can use to help build your online business without spending much money to do it.

Before we get to that it is important to point out that what you do not spend in money you will have to spend in time. There are not a lot of shortcuts on the Internet today.

You are rewarded for putting in a solid effort and learning Internet marketing skills. However it is possible to do this without spending a lot of money.

1. Article marketing is good for 2 reasons. The first reason is you can write articles and submit them to directories to develop traffic.

The only investment you will make is the time it takes to write the articles and submit them. The more articles you have online the more potential traffic they can bring to your business.

The other reason is search engines like articles so you can use search engine optimization to generate traffic from your articles. The hardest part of this is knowing what keywords to target and writing as many different articles for each keyword as you possibly can.

2. Forum marketing still works if you work it. Hanging out in discussion forums is a great way to drive traffic as well as meet people.

This can be time-consuming because you must build your business one post at a time. It can also become somewhat non productive if you are just having fun and not actually accomplishing anything.

3. Video marketing is a must in today’s internet world. Over 50% of all traffic comes from videos online today. Google owns You Tube and they love to rank videos highly for keyword searched phrases.

It is possible to join video marketing services such as Article Video Robot and spend less than $50 a month to create video articles. This is a good strategy and again the majority of your expenses are time it takes to write the articles and turn them into videos.

4. Email marketing is still the best long term strategy for long term success. Building an email list can really pay off for you in the future. Depending on the niche of your business you do not even need a real large list to earn good money from it.

In summary these are 4 online business marketing strategies you can use if you are financially strapped. Investing time as opposed to dollars is a strategy that has worked in the past and will work in the future!

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