online business successI have been watching some of the tennis matches at Roland Garros (The French Open) in Paris over the last couple of days and it got me thinking about what those top players put in to get them to where they are today.

Many of them started playing tennis seriously when they were children.  They had a dream of becoming the top tennis player in the world.  To achieve that dream they had to commit to hours and hours of training and practice over a period of many years.

COMMITMENT is the key word here – because that is what it takes to achieve anything in life.  If you want to become a top pianist and perform with the best orchestra in the world you have to commit to practicing for years.

It is no different when it comes to achieving online business success.  You need to know WHY you want to do it and then COMMIT to putting in the work to achieve your goals.

Over at IBO Toolbox there have been quite a few press releases lately on the subject of commitment.  I also posted on my blog about Commitment in September 2010 too – you can read that post here –  Online Business Success Takes Commitment.

As to your WHY – that is something you need to think hard about, because it is what will get you through the challenges along the route to achieving your goals.  Have you determined your WHY?

I published a press release yesterday entitled “Is Your WHY Strong Enough?”  You can read it by clicking on the link below:

Is Your “WHY” Strong Enough?

Are you ready to commit to your online business?  Have you determined your WHY?  I highly recommend IBO Toolbox, which is a free social marketing and advertising platform.  Yes, it is totally free and you can publish 2 press releases daily.   If you’d like to join you can do so here.

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