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To achieve online business success and to reach the goals that we set ourselves in life takes COMMITMENT.

I received an incredible email today from one of my SFI upline and I wanted to share her words on COMMITMENT with you as they are so true and very motivating – enjoy!

Welcome to the month of September.

I’m always very excited about the beginning of a new month because it presents new opportunities, new beginnings and affords the ability to review the steps being taken towards meeting the year’s goals.

Thank you all for the amazing encouragement I received from many of you last month.

My theme for September is COMMITMENT.
Commitment is the ability to apply consistent action toward the achievement of a particular goal. Commitment means staying the course, regardless of the challenges or distractions that may come your way. Commitment is a conscious application of one’s self to the tasks which collectively bring about success.
As I became one of the leaders in August, many affiliates wrote to ask me HOW DID YOU DO IT.  M y response is always very simple: I just don’t quit. There may be many principles, keys, tips, ideas, strategies, concepts and articles on how to be successful in life, but one of the foundational pieces is the art of consistent action. This means that against all odds, you remain steadfast to doing what is required to win.
Consistent action means developing a never-quitting attitude and pushing yourself beyond the limit and the status-quo of people who give up on their dreams just because the road was rocky. Successful people remain committed to doing what they set out to do regardless of the circumstances around them.
It is important to know that commitment is more than an attitude or a mindset, it is a lifestyle. It is the seed that is sown and cultivated over time to produce a desired harvest. Let me conclude by sharing some strategies for mastering the art of commitment:
1. Set reasonable goals.

2. See yourself already in possession of that which you desire. Feel it in your heart!

3. Celebrate little wins, while preparing yourself for tomorrow’s challenges.

4. Find a mentor! You will learn from their mistakes and avoid the same pitfalls.

5. Avoid nay-Sayers and negative people who will often try to dissuade you simply because they do not have the guts to do what you do.

6. Avoid being burnt out by living a healthy lifestyle and resting well.

7. When the going gets tough, be tough on the going! Stay put and refuse to give up!
This month, highlight your goals and never look back as you reach for the farthest heights. You have the ability to create your own world so do not give in to fear, doubts or distractions. Rekindle the fire in your heart and step out in faith and the assurance that you cannot and will not fail; and keep doing what you have to do to make it happen!
The doors will soon open up for you!

Best Wishes,
Innocent Makir
Platinum Team Leader

If you follow Innocent’s advice on COMMITMENT you will achieve online business success.

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