Whilst there is some overlapping of tools that online businesses and off-line businesses use today, there is no doubt that online businesses have some advantage in that they do not need employees, large advertising budgets, an office away from home, and more.

There are four tools however, that every online business must use if they expect to compete in the competitive arena of the internet.

Firstly, you need a website to market your products on. However, there are ways around this such as doing affiliate marketing or network marketing where your website is provided for you free of charge.

But, even in these business models the owners have learned that having their own internet business website gives them advantages that other online business owners might not have. The main advantage being is that you are in total control when you have your own website and domain name.

Secondly, you should use a reliable auto-responder and build a mailing list for future follow up. It is a fact that as you drive traffic to your website people are going to leave and most of them will not have purchased anything from you.

A mailing list is an invaluable tool that can pay you back many times over in the future. But the only way to benefit from it is to give your visitors a reason to supply their name and email address to you. Paramount to your online business success will be learning how to properly utilize your auto responder.

Thirdly, search engines love blogs and this is something you should add to your website too. Blogs are and easy and great way to add fresh content and to drive traffic at the same time.

Also having a blog can be fun and a great way to interact with your visitors. Blogs make your business come to life thanks to social media tools such as video, audio, online polls and comments.

Fourthly, you will need to use a quality payment processing tool to collect money when you make a sale. PayPal is the most popular payment processor on the Internet today. You could also consider using AlertPay as many countries are still excluded from using PayPal.

They are simple to use and you can implement pay buttons directly onto any web page by just adding a small amount of code. PayPal also offers a way for people to pay if they do not currently have an account with them by paying through Visa and MasterCard and other credit cards.

To be successful these are 4 tools every online business must use. Whilst they are all easy to implement, when they are used correctly these online business tools can play a huge role in your overall success.

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