What websites Google considers spamI received a very interesting email this morning from Jonathan Leger, which provided a link to his forum where there is a very interesting discussion going on as well as proof of what websites Google considers spam.

This is an eye-opener and it is a very informative post that will help prevent your website from being deindexed.


Would you like to see LIVE examples of pages Google has removed from their index in just the past few hours because they consider the pages “Pure Spam”?

It’s fasincating to scroll thru them.

Here is the page from Google:


Scroll down a bit and you will get about 50 or so sample pages Google has recently deindexed because they are considered Pure Spam by their Webmaster Guidelines.

(the whole page is interesting too)

 Wha’ts entertaining to me is when I come by and take a scroll thru and I see some site “styles” being deindexed and I say to myself , “Yep, I know who teaches that…I saw that coming”.

If you scroll down further on that page you will see a chart/graph that details out the reasons for Google’s manual actions against a site/url over the years.

Back in the “day” when I started (early 2007), things were so different, but towards years end, Pure Spam became their biggest target.

When you really look at that chart, you can see that “Pure Spam” is a MUCH MUCH bigger probem than unnatural links – by a long shot.

Here’s the link to the forum post again.




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