online businessYou are in competition 24 hours a day if you own an online business.  Generating traffic to your website and converting some of that into sales is not as easy as it might sound.

To help you increase online business sales, one thing you can do is become more creative than your competitors, so let’s have a look at a few ideas.

1.  Let’s firstly look at what type of niche your online business is in, as there are things you can do on your blog or website to make it more interesting. You do not even have to develop things to put on your site to give it more appeal to your viewers with the technology that is available today.

Let’s take a mortgage website as an example, where you could add a mortgage calculator to your site to make it more interactive to your visitors. This will be useful as everyone considering a mortgage loan or even refinancing, will need to calculate how much they can afford.

Another example is a financial website dealing with the stock market, where you could include stock quote applications. Go one step further and include a feed from a stock market affiliate program that updates various stocks live.

You could also hire an expert in a specific niche to write short timely articles for you. Also you could update your homepage on a regular basis with something that people would find interesting or that catches their attention based on current events.

The idea being that you are trying to be different than your competitor in how your visitors view your online business website.

2. You’ll find all kinds of possibilities in social networking. Whist the larger social networks such as Facebook and My Space get all the attention there are many smaller social networks that are extremely niche friendly.

You could spend some time locating a few of those and figure how you could implement them into your online business.

3. Get creative and come up with unique ideas to get people to subscribe to your mailing list. If you had an article writing business for example, you could offer one free article on the best ways to use an article ghost writer for subscribing to your mailing list.

To stand out in the crowd you need to find ways to make yourself different, so don’t just settle for giving away an ebook or free report.

Also if you have a business that offers an online business opportunity, you could offer a free blog set up to anyone who joins your business. It would be worth spending a little money to hire a graphic designer to create a banner announcing your offer.

The above are just a few creative ways to increase your online business sales.  Whilst you need to be constantly on guard to not let your online business go stale, you do not have to spend much money to make yourself different.

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