online business successDistractions are one of the greatest enemies to online business success.  As an entrepreneur you are probably highly intuitive, creative and optimistic by nature, and it is likely that you have a mind full of new ideas at any given moment.

I am sure you see opportunities where many others don’t and the problem arises when you get distracted by trying to bring all of the ideas to life at the same time. You may also find it difficult to turn down offers of new opportunities or ideas when they are presented to you.

It is also possible that some days you may feel you are chasing after many ideas at the same time while accomplishing no real progress on any one of them. 

In order to avoid getting distracted it is important to select one idea and focus your undivided attention on it.  Decide now, from all the ideas you have in your head, which one has the potential to make you the most money.

Once you have made your decision then this is the idea you want to focus your complete attention, resources and energy on.

As you work on bringing your best idea to life, many other great ideas and opportunities will come your way.  But until that happens, rather keep a list where you can record these other ideas and opportunities for future attention.

If you can’t bring those great ideas and opportunities to full completion within an effective time frame they are useless to you.

As you focus on your best idea, decide on how to implement a structured plan.  Break your plan down into bite-size manageable pieces and then focus your attention on completing the first step.  Move on to the next step only once you have completed that initial one.

Be aware that throughout the process distractions will surround you. When presented with an opportunity, even if it is a good one, learn to say ‘no’ if it takes you away from your primary goal.

Sometimes it is difficult for entrepreneurs to say ‘no’ but chasing many ideas simultaneously will only put you further and further behind and could totally sidetrack you from achieving online business success.

Here is a brief guideline to help you get started on the right track today:

1.  Start drawing up a list of all the ideas and opportunities that currently interest you.

2.  Select the one that will make you the most money and develop a manageable plan to complete it.

3.  When distractions arise, the question to ask yourself is: Will this bring me closer to my goal or take me further away from it?

4.  If they are going to sidetrack you from your primary goal, learn to say ‘no’.

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