turnkey online businessOne thing I see promoted every now and then is a turnkey online business. Sometimes this is referred to as a business in a box. Is there really such a thing?

What are the components of a turnkey online business? You can start with these 3 things.

1. Website. Every online business ends up on a website at one time or another. Even email marketing promotes a website.

The website should contain professional copywriting that is designed to bring an action from the website visitor. It may contain more than one page if it’s designed to sell a product.

Pre-selling is an important part of the sales process. You should have a page that is designed to take the order which would include a way to process an order. Your turnkey business is going to have all of this setup for you.

2. Product. What are you going to promote? Many business opportunities are designed to promote the opportunity itself. However, there are plenty of online turnkey businesses that are promoting a specific product.

Some online businesses today are not selling a product, but rather are designed to get a lead for an advertiser. Others are more informational in nature and rely on income from programs such as Google Adsense.

Before investing in any turnkey online business you want to know exactly which products are going to be promoted and how you’re going to make money from it.

3. Marketing. Getting website traffic is really the only way to make money. This is where some turnkey businesses run into problems.

Unless you have a plan for getting traffic to your site that doesn’t involve a lot of work, is it really turnkey in nature? Even if everything is pretty much handed to you on a silver platter, you still have to work at getting website traffic.

Some online business opportunities will put together an excellent marketing plan, but you still have to implement it. This is certainly true for some online businesses such as affiliate marketing or network marketing.

One way around this is to purchase an existing business. If the site is already ranked well with the search engines, has traffic coming into it, and is producing income, this may be more of a turnkey business for you.

You can find these sites at Flippa.com and other sites that buy and sell websites. Regardless of how you go about it every business requires work to make money. Some are more of a turnkey online business than others depending on what they provide and require of you.

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Turnkey online business

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