online businessWe are all aware that in a tough economy some businesses just do not survive. Even online businesses, which operate with far less overheads than offline businesses, can still fail in a bad economy.

To increase the odds of surviving in a tough economy let’s look at how to sell more by offering exclusivity in the products you sell.

Whilst products that are exclusive appeal to people at different levels, people who value status will always spend money even in a tough economy.

If they feel they are getting something exclusive, middle class and lower income groups will be willing to spend a little more as well. What it boils down to is pricing your product at the proper price point to still get the sale.

A good example of this is cars. In reality we may only be able to afford a Chevy but we would all love to drive a Mercedes Benz. Whilst there is a status attached to driving a Mercedes Benz, in reality the parts and extras may not be that different from other cars.

Mercedes Benz had been able to create a class consciousness about the product that they sell. This same awareness is something you can develop for your own products or online business. Let’s look at how you can do that.

To relate all the exciting details about the product you are selling is one way to do that. You have an excellent opportunity to do this on a pre-sell page if you are an affiliate marketer.

As most of the other affiliates will be using the exact same replicated affiliate website, you can begin to create a feeling of exclusivity in your product by the way you present it on your webpage. Rather than talking about what everyone else is, unearth ways to talk about what makes the product unique.

Products that are unique become exclusive, so present your features in a way that makes them seem luxurious. It will be worth your while to spend a lot of time going into detail that makes your product special, because the more people read the more they begin to believe what you are saying.

Hence the reason you see long sales copy web pages. Experienced copywriters know that what may seem boring to you after you read it several times is in fact fresh and exciting to a new website visitor.

Class conscious people love to hear why they should spend a little bit more for your product. Actually they want to spend a little bit more than maybe what their budget allows because it makes them feel better and they know they are getting something exclusive compared to their peers.

Follow these online business tips on how to sell more in a tough economy and you will find that your conversion rate increases greatly when you deal from a position of exclusivity and class consciousness!

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