get help onlineSo what prompted me to write a blog post about how to get free help online?

I will tell you …..  I get a lot of emails every day, either from my downline, newsletter subscribers or people enquiring about opportunities through the contact link on my Online Business Ideas website and this morning I had 2 emails that triggered this blog post.

The message in the first email read as follows:

“My country does not appear in the drop down menu.”

The second email read as follows:

“How do I get paid?”

That was the only information in the emails.  There was no “Hi or Bye”, name of the person, name of the program they were referring to, no affiliate ID ……not to mention please and thank you!!!  How is one meant to help when you are given so little information?

I then had to email back and forth to gather further information before I could help these people.

There are plenty of places to get free help online.  But if you want to get help online, whether by email, asking questions in a forum or submitting a support ticket, here is my advice:

BE SPECIFIC and provide as much information and detail as you possibly can. 

Not only will providing detailed information make it easier for the people to respond with the correct answer or solution but it will save so much time and you will get a solution much faster.

Just to expand on this ….. had the sender of the first email given me the name of the program and where he came across the drop down menu I would probably have been able to immediately provide him with a satisfactory answer.

Also had the sender of the second email just given me the name of the program he was referring to, I would have been able to answer his question immediately or direct him to a link where he could choose his option to be paid commissions due.

I know we live in a fast moving world but I don’t think that is any excuse to forget our manners when we send emails asking for free help online.  I think it is common courtesy to say hi and bye and at least provide your name in your initial request for free help online.

Follow these simple tips on how to get free help online and I am sure you will receive a satisfactory answer to your problem in no time.

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