I received some really exciting news recently when I received an email from SFI to say that I had qualified at the end of December 2007 for the SFI President’s Club. I actually had to read the email a few times as I just could not believe it!

In order to complete my entry into the President’s Club, I had to complete a profile questionnaire, which, if you are an SFI member you can read, if you login and click on SFI Leaders, then click on President’s Club.

Just by continually promoting and building backlinks to my online home business website, where I have a few links pointing to SFI, contributed to getting me to this level in SFI.

I really look forward to having as many as possible of my SFI downline become President’s Club members too.

I offer a free email SFI training course, based on the same methods used by the top SFI Sponsors, that will teach you how to make money with SFI. If you are in my SFI downline and have not yet subscribed you can do so by sending a blank email to cynshomebizsfitraining@getresponse.com then check your emails and be sure to click on the confirmation link.

If you are not a member of SFI but keen to find out more, take a look and find out how you too can start your own profitable internet business from home with SFI.

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