A major concern for many people who want to work at home online is how much money they will need to get started. So let’s take a look at how much money is required to start an online business of your own.

The great thing about starting an online business from home is that the costs are minimal. If you do not have a computer you will need to budget for one as well of course the cost of internet access. If you do not own a computer there is always the option of initially making use of an Internet Café or your local Library.

You can actually start an online business for less than $100. There are some that you can start for free. That is a far cry from starting a franchise where you will need to invest thousands or millions of dollars.

Now that you have a computer or access to one, the next step is to find an online business to start. An easy way is to search on Google for “free online business” or “how to start an online home business”. Google will provide you with lots of online opportunities for you to start researching.

However, if you do not know how to set up a website or start your own blog you will need to pay someone to do that for you and then you will have to make a small investment to get your business off the ground.

Also if you decide to embark on an email marketing campaign or offer a free newsletter to your website visitors then you will need somebody to program your auto-responder. You will find there is always help available online and websites such as eLance.com can assist at a reasonable price.

You may come across some online businesses that will require an upfront payment in the form of an activation fee or a membership fee. An example of this being Network marketing businesses and online businesses that sell high ticket products. They only allow paid members to have access to their programs.

Others ways to start your online business for free are for example, joining affiliate programs as an affiliate marketer for free and be set up and ready to run your own online home business in a few minutes.

Another example of starting an online business for free is Blogging. Blogger.com and WordPress allow you to set up your own blog in a few of easy steps and you are ready to begin monetizing it with free products such as private label right products or affiliate marketing products.

As you can see from the few examples above, you do not need much money at all to start an online home business. Also in many cases you can get started for free!

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Cynthia Minnaar runs her own Online Home Business full time from home. She invites you to find out more on how to start an online business for under $100.

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