earn online incomeNowadays there are a very few things that you can’t do on the internet. You can purchase products, find information on any topic, bank online and pay your bills as well as earn online income for yourself. The internet has emerged as a profitable medium of generating an income over the past decade or so.

How can you earn online income?

Now we need to answer the question – exactly how can you earn income online. There certainly is no shortage of options and the best part is you do not need to have professional knowledge or skills.  What you do need though is the willingness to try new approaches and evolve with changing times. Let’s take a look a three easy ways you can earn online:

1. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing business model forms the backbone of the online retail market. Basically, this is how it works:  You can sign up as an affiliate with an online retail marketplace which has a stock of digital products (Clickbank is the most prominent one) and choose which product or products you want to promote. Whenever someone buys that product, you will earn money on a commission basis.  You can easily set up your own blog to market various affiliate products.

2. Article Writing

The internet thrives on unique content since every website is in need of original articles. There is a huge demand for good writers who can earn a good income online once they build a loyal base of customers. Also there are a number of websites which offer freelance writing opportunities, which is a good way to get started.

3. Advertising Revenue

You can generate advertising revenue through your blog.  Rather than write articles for others you can use your creativity to write content for your own personal blog. Share you content on the social media networks and once it becomes popular and gets a lot of visitors, you can make contact with companies who would be interested in advertising on your blog.   You could also monetize your blog using CPA (cost per action) marketing as well as adding links to affiliate products.

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